Alexander Gouletas

About Alexander

Alexander has been a working photographer in Chicago for over a decade. He has taught at The Chicago Photography Center, as well as, served on their Board. His passion for the city is only matched by his love of exploration and journalism, traveling from Spain to Indonesia, always looking for that next amazing image and beheld truth telling.

Alexander education in the visual art began in adolescents, receiving training in a variety of mediums. In college he was given a private dark room to explore an indepent study, printing on alternative surfaces.

As a independent photojournalist people have taken noticed he has been quoted in the Chicago Tribune for his opinions about the Women's March and featured on Culture trip :

“Gouletas recognizes that it’s an important time to have a voice like his as a civilian journalist, because ‘there is so much disinformation that we must fight against,’ he said. ‘We have the ability to share a truth to an audience instantly, and hopefully, without censorship. I worry that our rights will become vilified, and the only narrative will be one written for us,’ he continued.”


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